Srinivasa Kalyanam
After emerging out from the termitary at Varaaha asram, Lord Narayana wandered all around the forests. He was injured on the forehead and the lower jaw. He wandered in search of Amma and medicine for His wounds, food and shelter. After long time He found a woman chanting names of Lord Krishna. Her name Vakula Mala, who is craving to have darshan of Lord Krishna, in the form of Govinda. Govinda is a name that Thai Yashoda used to call Lord Krishna with utmost love and devotion. Vakula found Lord Vishnu, with all His eternal beaty, whom she took as Govinda. She immediately gave food, shelter and medicines. Lord recognised Vakulamala as Yashoda, who got a boon from him while in Krishnavatharam. Yosoda although brought Him up during childhood, for Her Karmanubhvam she could not see Lord's Marriage. At one point Krishna gave a boon to Thai Yashoda, she will see and organise His marrigae during Kaliyugam.She is instrumental in going to Akasa raju and asking Padmavati amma for the Lord in marriage, at a later date. King Akasa Raja was ruling the area where perumal and Vakula mala was staying. He had no children. Suka Maharshi asked him to perform a Yagnam. While ploughing the land over there the King found a box
This box has a LOTUS flower with thosand petals. He found a female child carefully sarounded by all the petals of this Tamarai poov, Padmam. The kind was immensely pleased as his good luck, named the child as Padmavathi. Padmavathi grew up into a most beautiful bride, with divine glow and golden complexion. One day Givinda (Srinivasa) went on for forest hunting to eradicate wild animals. This was a duty of all the kings and prices to protect soft animals and humans from forest evils and cruel animals. A wild elephant was chasing a young woman. Lord Govinda shot aroows at the elephant and rescued the young lady. The young lady was Padmavathy, who instantly fell in love with Lord. Padmavathy after falling in love, is sarrowful and was craving to see Lord again. Lord Govinda also in love with Padmavathi Amma at once.
Srinivasa wanted to know more about the young lady and disgusesd himself as kurathy (fortune teller) lady from woods. He went to kingdom and found that she is princess and daughter of Aakasaraja. As the Kurathy woman was telling fortune to people there, the king summoned her to the palace to know the reasons for grief of Padmavathi. Kurathy woman told king, the reason is her love towards young man, whom the princess saw in the forest. He is maha Vishnu and Aakasaraja should get the Padmavathy to be married to Him, Lord Srinivasa.
Srinivasa entrusted Suka Yogi to over see the marriage between Him and Padmavathi. He asked him to inform all the DEVA s. God s are happy to hear, for Srinivasa Kalyanam is Loka Kalyanam (every one's benefit).All the Gods arrive and assured to come and witness the marriage. For finacing the marriage celebration, they advised Srinivasa to take from Kubera (God for wealth). Mean while Vakula matha was worried how to perform the marriage. Soon they got invitation from king Aaakaasaraja for the divine marriage. Vakula matha was worried for money and Srinivsa said, he will barrow money from Kubera and immediately called him. Kubera was excited loaning to Lord, who own every thing. srinivasa said He will repay debt at end of Kaliyug and till then He will be paying interest. Brahma aand Siva stood as witness to the deal, as pipal trees on the shores of the pond. Later when people tried to cut the trees blood gushed from them. Immediately the cutting was stoppe. We can see the trees even today.Srinivasa started for the wedding on bird chariot (Garuda), whille all other God s acompanied Him. The wedding party was great with saints, scholars, ascetics, Lord and all Gods are present at one place and time. Saint Narada told Sri Maha Lakshmi about the marriage, who was doing penance at Kollapuram. Instantly She stopped penance and reached Agastyasram. She represented to Srinivasa, what is JUSTICE is He does injustice to Her.
In the days of RAMAYANA, after Ravana was killed Rama asked Sita to go in FIRE to prove herself. Actually who was with Ravana in Lanka was maaya Sita (Vedavathi). Vedavathi went into Fire. Fire God brought back original Sita as well as Vedavathi to Rama in a happy ending. Rama is Vishnu, Sita is Lakshmi devi. Sita has asked Rama to marry Vedavathi, who did great sacrifice as maaya Sita. Rama during this avatharam (incarnation) is Eka Pathni Vratha (marry once only). Therefore Her wish shall be fulfilled eventually later. As time passed Vedavathi took birth as Padmavathi and Lord became Srinivasa Perumal. This marriage is in fulfilment of the desire of Sri Maha Lakshmi. Sri Maha Lakshmi, who came with compliants on Lord, is convinced looking at the greater reality and became calm. She went back to penance worshipping Lord Narayana again.